DOOMSILLA "Corpse of the Blackened Sun E​.​P.

by jim ross

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released September 26, 2014

Tony Anderson - vocals/ Dani Sandvoss - drums/ Mike Poggione - bass/ Jim Ross - guitars



all rights reserved
Track Name: Corpse of the Blackened Sun
Corpse Of The Blackened Sun

whore of Death here I wait for you
spare me from this poisoned world
My hatred for the years of abuse
Ive lost my will not to kill ( Murder seems to be the cure)
In my youth I followed my own path
sickness was more then a disease
I never feared the end of this fucking life
just the years left to live ( Fuck your world)
when youth begins to rot.........
and the vision begins to fade.....
withered is the hope for love
there is no light down here...... welcome to the graves
wont you let me in.....
look past the lies
body joins the earth
all living must die
don't mourn for me
lived this life alone
ill be forgotten soon
*the world that hates the old
*the warmth is now gone
* my body must decay
*slowly in the night...........
the gift of death
(blast again)
soil through the hourglass its only time
a world where only roaches survive
once we are all turned to dust
and once the blood has finally dried ( misery is a whore)
and cunt to finally to be rid of you
when the corpse can no longer stand
dont cry I have finally found my sleep
as I now I walk with the dead ( peace finally comes)
why look back onto a world of shit
all your hero's will let you down
the truth can destroy ones dreams
or open the minds of the strong.............reality
sooth the open wound
the gift of life drains
ghost of ones past
the murder of false faith
its deeper then the skin
remove the insides
numb the offering
remove the mind
the end of the pact
consumed by the sun
worshiped by flies
let this be done ......
.......... Sleep has come at last
Track Name: Pyromaniac

( news report)
we have reports of fires throughout the cities
corpses burning in the streets
its seems that all prisons and churches
have been turned to dust
they have destroyed all escape routes
and are executing anyone who is attempting to flea
stay in your homes
hide your children
grab your weapons
its kill or be massacred
the end is near
the end is here



I dream in fire and the earth its burning

repentant fools praying will do you no good

holy water will never put out the hatred

In the end where dead and there is nothing ( extinct)

let it burn down

fuck the world

thanks for the dream

Ill murder it in vein


once it was built

it had to be destroyed

it was eating our flesh

wed soon go insane


In my youth

I chose to stay away

my demons where strong

it kept me dreaming


call me as you will

kill in no gods name

high off the fumes



I light up the sky

a creature of the night

blood on my claws

more then a killer..............


lost in the flames

the end not soon enough

its more then one knows

let us bath in the dust


to never be one

walk down ones own path

to except the damnation

and use it as your craft


the end is now here

a legacy of pain

proud till the time

of my final