Join The Cult

by Doomsilla

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    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    This is the complete 2-CD DOOMSILLA album 'Join the Cult".
    13 tracks of crushing heavy doom laden horror music... running time is close to 2 hours!!! A dark & dreary trip down the blackened path- a horrific nightmare of sound.
    AVAILABLE NOW for 1st time ever-
    The debut full-length album by ~DOOMSILLA~
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Creeping into existence from an extremely dark place comes the epic band: DOOMSILLA!!! This full production monster boasts talent from a full cast of remarkable people to expose to the world an amazing debut album. There is an enormous range of material here from slow sludgey doom, black & death metal, thrash & grind, to atmospheric soundscapes, violin & piano pieces, to spoken word and more. This is at least five years in the making, and lifetimes of experience, blood, sweat, and more blood to create this horror show called DOOMSILLA!


released December 28, 2015

Doomsilla consists of:
Tony Anderson (Generichrist, Cemetery Slut, FleshReaper),
Jim Ross (Cystic Dysentery, Bandwhore, Human Enslavement),
Daniel Sandvoss (Fecal God, Dysembrioma, Skintomb), &
Michael Poggione (Monstosity,Vile).
Featuring award-winning violinist Rebecca Zapen, former member of the notorious punk icons "The Dwarves" & occult author Vadge Moore, and horror movie legend Bill Moseley; as well as many other immense talents amongst the metal industry; Mike Browning, Gruesome Gorejuice, Zachary Clayton, Dendinger, Ed Webb, Colin Davis, Antonio Freyre Ascencio, Jake Freeman, Jeremy Douglass, Mark Cooper Art , Mark Riddick Art...



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Track Name: Tormented in the Tombs of Slumber
1 Tormented in the Tombs of Slumber
Tormented in my sleep
The horrors I see are real
Voices of the damned
The Father of the chills
Tore like rancid meat
Terror's that I feel
Blessed with Blasphemy
When will they kill

The smell of addiction
Dripping from the wound
Pulling and pulling
Till my skin tear's
Vile desecration
Pouring out some more
Smashing my own head
On the floor
Scum filled nails
Dig into my chest
Pulling out my heart
Feed it the rats!!!
Tearing my cock
With razor rodent teeth
Praying for death
In the gurgled screams

The clenching of rotten teeth
Bloody fingers on the walls
Laying in disease
Decomposing in my dreams

crawling and laying
In my own waste
There is no light at all!
Tear off my own face
Slowly tearing myself apart
Serenaded by their laughter
I can taste my own shit
No gods to save me I will die alone
Should I kill myself in my own sleep

Bodies are laying
In piles decaying
With maggots are praying
As the carcass swells
Drowning in vomit
Well who needs a coffin
You will be eaten
To the bone today
The flies wait in hunger
For their eternal slumber
They are the creatures
Who feed of god's play
Witness's the madness
Forbidden is sadness
Is this a dream
Or how it all ends
Gripping on memories
Your stained with debauchery
Never forgotten
The way that you lived
Spun in the web prison
That slowly you die in
Numb from the venom
That runs through your veins
The end of your journey
Drained of all your energy
Hung out as example
For the bandits of sleep
Taken in the spiral
Driven by the viral
Cut off your own fingers
So you can stay awake

Tormented in my sleep
The horrors I see are real
Voices of the damned
The Father of the chills

Tormented in my sleep
Let me hear your scream
Death is Fucking real
As is the hate.

Monsters wait to feed
Left to die alone
Your prayers are unheard
Creatures of the curse

The body is unleashed
They shit out the soul
Children of the night
Who worship the ghoul

There is no savior here
We do what killers do
Tormented in my sleep
Only to awake in Hell
Track Name: Corpse of the Blackened Sun
2 Corpse of the Blackened Sun
Whore of Death here I wait for you
Spare me from this poisoned world
Hatred for the years of abuse
I've lost my will not to kill ( Murder seems to be the cure)
In my youth I followed my own path
Sickness was more then a disease
never feared the end of life
Just the years left to live ( Fuck your world)

When youth begins to rot
And the vision begins to fade
Withered is the hope for love
There is no light down here

Wont you let me in
Look past the lies
A body joins the earth
All living must die
Don't mourn for me
I lived this life alone
I'll be forgotten soon
The world hates the old

The warmth is now gone
My body must decay
Slowly in the night
...............AT THE GRAVES.

Soil through the hourglass of time
A world where only roaches survive
Once we turn to dust and bone
Once the blood has finally dried ( Misery is a whore)
Cunt to finally to be rid of you
When the corpse can no longer stand
Don't you cry I have finally found my sleep
Now I walk with the dead ( peace finally came)

Why look back on a world of shit ?
All your hero's let you down........
Truth can destroy ones dreams
Or open the minds of the strong

Sooth the open wound
The gift of life drains
The ghost of ones past
Murder's faith
Its deeper then the skin
Remove the insides
Numb the offering
Remove the mind
The end of the pact
Consumed by the sun
Worshiped by the flies
Let this be done
Sleep has come at last.....
Track Name: Lord of the Gutter
3 Lord of the Gutter
I am the lord of suicide and sorrow
A razor to the wrist
The Master's satisfied
That warm rush numbs the worm inside

The time has come
To feed the beast
And puncture the vein
A junkies need
Yes kill your self
And fuck this life
Before it fucks your first
Your only as hollow
As what u swallow
Now your fucking dead

And at the Burial
My so called friends
I will haunt you till the end.........

And when I rise
To fuck and feed
Ill hunt your young
They will worship me
I'm the keeper of the Graves

The teeth grind slowly as the reaper nest's
The terror in your eyes
But its you who called my name.
Walking lifeless into the spiral of human waste

Horrendous hallucination
Your tap is dry
We all leave this place alone
You want salvation
To be the one
High as one can be

Your only as hollow
As the shit you swallow
Your coffin ride begins....

The Liars kingdom
Devotion means nothing
Your reality is gone

Children of the street
Vein stabbing fiend
Lets spread disease
Of our infected dream

Until there is no more life to drain
Peaceful silence after beautiful tragedy
you will kill for it ?
And bleed for it
You will fuck for it
And rape for it
You will steal for it
You will lie for it
You will suffer for it
You will rot for it
You will die for it

I am the lord of the suicide and sorrow
You wont be missed
The Master's satisfied
The worm feasts on the dead inside
I'm dead inside
Track Name: Red Light Executioner
5 Redlight Executioner
Hand over mouth
knife to the throat
victim of my mind
toy that I chose
stalker of the night
junkie for blood
go ahead and run
there's nowhere to go!!!
I hear your heartbeat
it feeds my erection
a moment of silence
now time for dissection

I am creeping when they are sleazing
use your blood to paint my face!!

first victim I'll never forget
my fascination of death
mentally I keep the prize
of the look in their eyes

remorse I lost as a kid
why should happiness ever live
Nordic summer of terror
history written in blood

My tools are ready to make you a believer
slowly slicing life's excess fat away

whore make sure you know my name
you are trapped now in my game

city has no goddamn heart
chews you up tears you apart
I am here to remove your pain
scream my fucking name!!

I am creeping when they are sleazing
use your blood to paint my face!!

legend to be
master of gore
give me some more
feed my disease
bleeds fucker bleed

wrapped in insanity you squirm
caught In my twisted world
part wolf and I'm part man
following the devils plan
they call me the saint of misery
they call me the brutal End......
Track Name: The Devils Side of the Story
6 The Devils Side of the Story
Walk towards the flames and into the devils smoke
For eternity in hell we'll burn
as the final grain of sand spirals
my spirit is crowned the ghost of Murder

Who has entered my lair
there in no escape
remorse in the cries
smoldering on the stake
eyes open wide
spiritually betrayed
I'm the Acid Christ
Prince of the Dead

finally the answers are upon us
to be judged by the hand of despised
let it be the end of the long lonely journey
as your soul will be this seasons prize
crashing into the crimson waters
walking on water without a face
spreading the devils side of the story
teach the youth of his twisted ways
Demons in your head , take you down the path
your soul is not the first , and it wont be the last
the ones you left behind , will also one day find
the only way to survive , was for you to die
possessed by the hate , charmed by the grim
you conjured the beast , And fed him your sin
you carried his mark , his message you spread
the burning flesh , serenades the dead
under the cross , spins a dying world
the tales of Lucifer , whispered by the young
lightning in the sky , let the banshees soar
a virgin in white ,is not a virgin but a whore

they say Dead Angels can no longer fly
until they hover at their child's windows
We travel with the god forsaken ones
The winged bastards of terror for eternity

finally you wake
remember this place
how the air tastes
polluted with death
covered with ash
calling the moon
worshiping snakes
burn cunt burn

sky opens up , rejecting the souls
Satan's shooting star, enters the unknown
you wasted your life, obedient in fear
the Antichrist speaks , his army cheers
Hell breaks lose , in more ways then one
they march to screams ,using skulls as drums
drenched in blood , and reeking of death
The war does not end , till nothing is left
the unholy words, ring in their ears
the skies turn red , the end is now here
a wicked world , that must be erased
in a flash of the light, its doomsday!
Track Name: Pyromaniac
8 Pyromaniac

I dream in fire and the earth is burning
Repentant fools praying will do you no good
Holy water will never put out the hatred
In the end we're dead and there is nothing (extinct)

Let it burn down
Fuck the world
Thanks for the dream
I'll murder it in vein
Once it was built
It had to be destroyed
It was eating our flesh
We'd soon go insane
In my youth
I chose to stay away
My demons where strong
It kept me dreaming
Call me as you will
Kill in no gods name
High off the fumes
I light up the sky
A creature of the night
Blood on my claws
More then a killer..............
Lost in the flames
The end not soon enough
Its more then one knows
Let us bath in dust
To never be one
Walk down ones own path
To except the damnation
And call it a craft
The end is now here
A legacy of pain
Proud till the time
Of my final
Track Name: Hangmans Noose
9 Hangmans Noose
Where can we go ?
where have we really been ?
when you look in the mirror
staring at you is the dead.......

the years of wasted dreams
the words that you never said
another pill another regret
off into into the hole again

the body grows weak
but still I must carry on
maybe just one more drink
stumble into tomorrow......

to whom it may concern
did you really think I'd hide ?
did you really think you'd fuck ?
with me and my mind

those childhood years
more then passed and gone
now that the world is tired of you
but your still ready for war........

rid my life now of your filth................
quiet place where one can die....
extinct from the cycle that we live.....
a cycle I have grown to despise...
the heart beats with fury....
when your instinct is to survive
tangled in your severed arteries
when light turns to demise

when anxiety laces with doom
and you go though the script
surrounded by your enemies
who all share a fake laugh
cowards travel in packs
when not on their knees
sucking off their false leaders
and swallowing their seed

its just the end of the world
it was burnt out anyway
your children are now slaves
they fill the mass graves
when your told what to say
and taught what to think
they lust your funeral
but savor your pain.........

False profits who lead your life
bitter lords of the underground
none of that shit matters anymore
as your rotting joins the earth.
and again my friends
there is nothing.....
life is loss and death
...death and fucking suffering.....................Die
Track Name: Join the Cult
10 Join the Cult
Bring your princess
to the Voodoo man....
lead her undressed
bound by the hands
the terror gets her wet
casket fumes she breaths...
if you wanna looking worship something
get on your knees .....

Yes we will all burn in hell
it's the ultimate sacrifice
We are black hearted mutant race
bastards of the anti-christ
do your fear the darkness ?
its who you fucking are !!!
we are now your family
and alone you are no more..................

Join The your mind
Join The Cult................pray to..... !!!!

deep into the cemetery
holiday of the dead
magic of the witches eve
that brings us here again
looking towards the altar
waiting for the guest
never doubt the beauty
of the mother of death............

Take in this unholy spirit................
what is fear if you cant feel it ?...............

In this circle of lost faith
the power has never been so strong
let the preachers spew their hate
daughters will still swallow our cum
the crimson drips into the cup
the pain is now all but gone
welcome the father of doom....

(zachary dendinger)
Flames Consume the body
The mark of our death addicted sect
Let this hatred consume you
And you will finally be blessed
No such thing as miracles
It's an illusion for the sheep
Close your eyes and let the snake unwind
And soon your reign will begin

When there is nothing left to trust
when the theories are proven wrong
no longer will you beg and plea
when all your hope is gone
you now are one with the night
never to take in the sun
why would you live like a slave?
when you can live like a god

your pact is eternal
you will walk with us tonight
spread your legs my whore
My queen of fire............

the fog rapes the land we know
slowly crawling over its skin
the moon gives way to the shadow ghouls
who have risen from their graves
underneath the hoods they chant
in a true celebration of the dead
virgin bound in Lucifer's web
I am now your fucking king

Join The your mind
Join The Cult................follow or die!!!!
this is your death...................................................
Track Name: The Autumn People
11 The Autumn People
In The still of night we prey
children of the light we slay
an enemies just a spell away
the hand that leads them to the grave
there is no birth it always was
fathered by the lizard god
nurture us off angels waste
so we can join the dead in space

the star is dead then star is born
and worshiped the unholy whore
spread in honor of our sins
welcome the orgasmic grim
the devils scent in the wind
The Autumn people have arrived again...

bloody corpses fall from the sky
paint the streets in suicide
clouds are draped in misery
echoing moans of banshees
flames rise and fires rage
feasting off corpses of the brave
worshippers of the end of the world
your wish is death's command

we ask of you the cursed moon
to silence the world in doom
destroy this place we lust the end
lifeless rotting with the dead
take this hate and let's destroy
vomit this planet into the void
no mercy no one will be spared
fuck this world ,fuck your soul
your deepest wounds will be exposed
your nightmares they also know
its not if you'll die its how you go
- its not if you'll die its how you go
the time has come to join the chaos
the time has come to drink the blood...................
Track Name: Graverobbers From Hell
12 Graverobbers From Hell
Light creeps through holes in the sky
Hope when the figure appears
There's so much for you to fear
Frozen land and boiling seas
the earth 's crust begins to peal
winds blow south the casket dust
as the reaper eyes up the scene
Take me planet and silence the pain
Of a life that was drenched in sin
Saw the light but worshiped the black
A prisoner to my skin
Taught by the wicked of violent crimes
We search for a reason why
We all new it would end like this
And we knew it was only time
They took the children into the camps
And taught them how to think
The nights are filled with pleas for life
Suicide is to find relief

Take this corpse as an offering
The witch doctor sets his trance
Bleeding out last moments of life
The dying begin to dance

they came to take us from this pain
the hate bleeds into your mind
Slowly learning how to use our minds
They teach us how to die

The sun gives a portrait of death
As the cosmic monsters have struck
They spare no life they remove the old
To silence tales of their lust

Burn the land to the ground
Snort lines of the ash
They pray to their god of war below
They wait for his final command
The end of the world is now here
The grave robbers from hell

ride through to conjure their spawn
collecting corpses under the moon

On the black horse of death they ride
Making fires in the purple sky
Bleed into the pure white dreams
That cursed this fucking life
March through the flames of hell they must
And then they are burnt alive
Dripping with hate and charred black flesh
The strongest will rise again
To hunt down a so called chosen one
To serve the angel who fell

Lurk deep with no hope for a tomorrow

We will all be dead by the morning
Enjoy your last breath
Say goodbye to the world
The pain will finally be over
The sun has set for its last time
There will be no more moons
They have finally cured disease
It called for total extinction
No more sorrow , no more more misery
what did we ever expect
when we raped our own future
flaming souls light the path
for the grave robbers from hell

our will
There is no life left to drain
what could we ever expect...
when we raped our own future
The End has Come
For us
Track Name: The Cemetery
If you god damned kids are gonna walk the cemetery, you're gonna need a lot more than a crucifix. Doomsilla does NOT like visitors.